Smile, Make a New Friend & Good Luck on Your 1st Day of Class

Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone had a great, fun filling & relaxing summer. Summer of 2013 flashed before my eyes but I was still able to create some memories to keep the moments alive. Best part of my summer was being able to build the courage to jump off a cliff at Brownstone Park. I hesitated for the longest time but I can officially take that off my bucket list. The free fall feeling is AMAZING!!! Best adrenaline rush for all those adrenaline junkies.

Many of you are probably still asking yourself didn’t summer just start? While some of you are excited and/or dreading school tomorrow because it means the fun is over & time to be on that A game status. It’s still a little sad knowing I won’t be moving back to campus to start school tomorrow but exciting for everyone else to start like my little cousin and sister.

Here are a few tips to help you start your first day. The more things you have prepare, the less stress & overwhelmed you will feel. I always say a prepared day is a good day.

1. Check the weather & prep what you will wear tomorrow. Bring a light sweater if you get cold since some of the classrooms/lecture halls can be freezing.

2.Print your class schedule & make sure it say what time the class start, location & professor. Be sure to print a few copies just in case you lose the first one.

3. Print a few campus maps. Circle your dorm, classes, & dining hall. It might also be helpful to write the room number & the name of class on the map. The campus map will be your best friend for the next two weeks especially if it is your first year on campus.

4. Plan your way to and around campus. If you are driving, make sure you have a permit for the lots or bring quarters for the meters. Graba bus schedule and arrive 15 minutes early if you plan on taking a bus. If you are riding a bike, make sure you have air in the tire & if you walk make sure to look left, right, and left again before crossing. Use the crosswalk!!!

5.Bring a notebook, a few pens & pencils for note taking. Also bring a folder to keep all the syllabuses & papers you will receive from the professor and TA (Teaching Assistant).


6. Carry an agenda to help write down your assignments and homework. Practice using your agenda as this will be the next best thing to help you plan & organize.

7. Set your alarm clock! Factor time to get ready, the walk or commute to class/campus, getting breakfast & an extra 15 minutes in case you get lost or side tracked.

It’s okay to be a little nervous for your first day & it’s definitely okay to get lost a few times. We all been there and done that before. I remembered walking into the wrong class a few time, as well as sitting through a class to only find out that it’s the wrong class at the end. Lesson of that day, don’t go to class late. If are running late quietly walk in through the back door. Remember to smile, relax, & make some new friends. A nice compliment is a great way to start a conversation or ask them to join you for lunch or dinner later.

Good luck and have a good first day of school!


One thought on “Smile, Make a New Friend & Good Luck on Your 1st Day of Class

  1. Elizabeth Nguyen says:

    After reading this, I don’t feel as nervous. I’m glad that I have this blog to turn too for tips and help! Thanks Jennifer!!

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