Error: Class closed!? Use add/drop period to get into these classes

Goodbye summer & hello fall semester. Pat yourself on the back because you made it through your first week of college, attended your classes, made new friends, & explored campus. Now you can relax. But before you get too cozy take a moment to gather all of your syllabuses you obtained from class. These syllabuses are your guideline to getting an “A”. Make sure to read & understand each syllabus because it will tell you everything you need to know including deadlines, exam dates, grading system, & expectations from you, the professor & the class.

After reviewing the syllabuses, I hope the classes aren’t too bad & live up to most of your expectations. If not, you are in luck because of a thing called the “add/drop” period. This is the time period of roughly 2 weeks where students are allowed to change their class schedule as many times as they want without it being on their transcripts. So if you are unsure about those classes where grades are based on 3 exams or if you hate writing papers, now is the time to consider switching classes.

Remember this is only an allotted time period so please CHECK your schools’ academic calendar for the deadline of this “add/drop” period and it’s policy.  

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind during “add/drop” period:

  1. Your class schedule is final after the “add/drop” period!
  2. Add & drop the classes the same way you first signed up. For every time you drop a class, add a class & vice versa.
  3. Ask around for class recommendations from friends & professor.  Sign up for the one that sounds interesting to you.
  4. Visit to read reviews for professors & classes.
  5. Add classes that will satisfy your major or university requirements. Double check with an advisor or online if you are unsure what it fulfills.
  6. Always obtain the minimum # of credits required as a full time student. Every college varies so double check with the registers office.
  7. Be quick & fast. Keep in mind as you add & drop other students will do the same.
  8. Colleges & universities have different policies regarding “add/drop” period since some charge you a fee, or some but let you switch for free. To be safe double check with your advisor & Bursar’s office. At UMass Amherst you will not be charged a fee during “add/drop” period.
  9.  Lastly, use this time period to try to get into those classes you really wanted to or really need.

Still having a hard time getting into those closed classes, try these additional tips:

  • Email the professor of your interested class & ask if there are any remaining seats. Keep the email short & simple & address the professor with Dear (insert professor last name). Also add the class name & when it occurs because some professors teach more than one class.
  • Go to the department & speak to the scheduling officer to see if they can add you to the class. The scheduling person can see your file & will be able to help based on your case.
  • Go early the next class you want & talk to the professor to ask them if there are any more open seats. Strongly express your interests or reasons.

Doing these things may increase your chances of enrolling in the class because most professors can override you into their class. Keep in mind professors loves when students make an effort by speaking to them in person, making it a personal interaction. Good luck with getting into the classes you want.


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