Go UMass!!!

For anyone that is a current student or Alum of the magnificent UMass Amherst, please be sure to wear your maroon colors to show your school pride on Friday, Oct. 25th, 2013 to Stand for UMass. On this day UMass Amherst will celebrate 150 years of excellence thus far and many more years to come. Please join UMass as they celebrate by applauding the UMass Minuteman Marching Band as they perform on the steps of the State House. Then cheer the students on or walk with them as they parade through Faneuil Hall showing their love for UMass. At 1 PM, small refreshments will be served at Faneuil Hall while the band performs once more. To end the celebration you can get tickets to Stand for UMass: The concert and support the talented UMass Minuteman Marching Band as they play at the Boston Symphony Hall. Tickets are $30 at They are an incredible band, so I highly recommend seeing them perform if you haven’t already.

As UMass celebrates its accomplishments and stories are told from the students and alums, I want to take this moment to share my story. UMass started off as a big scary school for me but as time passed, UMass became my home. Attending UMass was the best choice I made because of the whole experience I gained. Not only did I receive an education, I gained a wonderful experience that was well valued and worth it.  Everyone has the perception that UMass is a party school. But if you really think about it every school can be a party school, it just really depends whom you hang with and what you choose to do with your time. My experiences at UMass became more about discovering myself & expanding my horizons. I was  also able to lead and motivate my peers to make the the changes we want to see. At UMass I was able to become a great leader for fellow Communication majors as well as Cambodian Student Association members. I loved how UMass allowed me to have a voice and find my passion. I met so many great people at UMass and I am very grateful to have them share my journey. These people made a huge difference in my life and supportive me in every way possible. As alum of UMass Amherst I was able to grow and gain a better sense of community, pride, and courage to follow my dream. Thank you UMass! It is my honor to be a graduate of UMass and I ask that you wear your maroon sweatshirt, ties, and/or blouse tomorrow to celebrate and Stand for UMass.

photo (2)

As always you were. You are. UMass. 


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