Happy Holidays to All!

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to all. I hope everyone had a gift to open, delicious food to eat, & great company to share the holidays with. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays as a child because I wanted to be on Santa’s nice list. I knew being on Santa’s nice list meant PRESENTS! I can still recalled sleeping early on Christmas Eve because I knew the earlier I slept the faster Christmas, Santa, & presents arrived. I remembered the anticipation of my grandparent’s arrival because it meant more presents & finally being able to open the ones under the tree.

As I grew older the excitement wasn’t from receiving gifts but more from playing the Santa role in giving & spreading the holiday joy. I remembered plenty of times when I went shopping with my mom, I always asked my mother to help me get small gifts for close friends. I love to give because I know that feeling of receiving when you least expect it. Best feeling & it’s really about the thought that matters the most. I enjoy it most when people are in the holiday spirits, decorations everywhere, Christmas carols & the festive mood people are in. People seem to be a lot jollier around the holidays. The best part is when I get to tell my younger family members about Santa’s nice or naughty list. This list helps with behavior modification for kids who can be a handful.

ImageThis year I was able to give everyone in my enormous family a gift. The greatest part is to be able to see their smile & excitement when I hand them their gifts especially my nephews. My nephews also makes Christmas worthwhile for me because they always say thank you after each gift. Jay & Jaythan are a little younger & super pumped when they have a gift to open regardless of what’s inside. But Damien is 7 years old & I am always trying to teach him the meaning of Christmas.I tell him Christmas is not just about getting presents but more about being surrounded by the people you love & really enjoying the moments with family. I tell him some people aren’t lucky enough to celebrate with their family because some are overseas protecting our country or too far like our family in France. When I asked what he wanted for Christmas he said he wanted jeans, shirts, & one toy. I asked why just one toy and he said he needs more clothes. I was shock to hear that from him but also very proud. Santa got him exactly what he wanted lot of clothes and one Pokémon toy.

Another reason I look forward to the holiday is seeing my mom’s adorable facial expressions & reactions. It’s like she times her facial expression & unwrapping of the gift to create the best & most dramatic reactions to give everyone a good laugh. She starts with a nervous looks, then unwraps the presents, followed by a scared expression while opening the gift & lastly a surprised look followed by teary eyes. It is by far the cutest thing to my siblings & I especially when her face lights up as she smile.

My mother’s adorable facial reactions to one of her gift.

To be with my closest friends during our Yankee Swap & being with my family on Christmas was the best gift Santa I received this year. The night of Yankee swap 2013 is another memorable night I will add to the list as we reminiscence later about our adventures/celebrations. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Just being with my family & having all of us together under one roof for Christmas laughing, taking shots, eating, & sharing the joy & spreading love was all I needed for Christmas. This is one of the reasons why I cherish Christmas because I am surrounded by people who love & support me. It’s not about the size, amount or price tag of the gift but being able to create many more priceless moments together. I thank God & Buddha every day for all of my blessing including such great families & friends to bring me joy this holiday.

Yankee Swap 2013 ! Happy Holidays!


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