Don’t over think it, let go, & be happy!

ImageHappy New Years!!! 2013 was a great year for me & it was filled with plenty of blissful memories as well as a few tearful ones. This past October I finally got a chance to go to two places I always wanted to visit: Long Beach, CA & San Diego Zoo. The San Diego Zoo is amazing & humongous. I always wanted to go to Long Beach, CA to visit Cambodiatown (area highly populated with people of Cambodian descent) to connect with my people & culture.

With all of my experiences from the past year I was able to grow as an aunt, daughter, sibling, lover, employee, friend, & most importantly an individual. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason & it’s our responsibility to find the purpose behind it whether it’s in our favor or not. But at time it can be hard to find the meaning, learn from it, & move on because we are too busy knit picking at the whys & faults of something we wished we could change or done better. After all we were brought up to learn from our mistakes so we do not repeat them.


I strongly believe in Buddha’s philosophy where one should not live in the past or the future but instead in the present. After a minor set back with my plans I made notes of all the things that were going great for me. I started to mediate to help me clear my mind especially when I felt angry, overwhelm, frustrated, or stressed. I started to view everything with a positive approach. This made me appreciate everything & everyone around me more. This mindset allowed me to only think of the things that still remains & that matters. Slowly, I started to let go of everything that I couldn’t change & used that energy to focus on bettering myself. My grandmother always told me when you finally choose to let everything go & make peace with yourself & outcome, you will learn to live, love, & enjoy life again. 

Start this New Year by letting go of everything that is toxic, negative & anything else that won’t bring your heart happiness, joy or some sort of satisfaction. The art of letting go is very hard because of the complexity of one’s self to leave their comfort zone or their routine for the unknown. Most people are afraid of change because of the unfamiliarity that comes with it. But with the practice of letting something small go every day you can eventually let go of it all. Remember not to hold on to any anger or any grudges. In order for you to be happy you have to learn to let go. Do not regret anything because at one point that was something you wanted.

Here are some of the things you should learn to let go of:

  • Friend/people who are always bringing you down, judging & never encouraging/supportiveImage
  • The comfort of your home or safety zone. Step outside your boundaries.
  • Things & thoughts you can’t control or change
  • Society’s expectations based on gender, age, race, and etc.
  • All the things that makes you unhappy
  • The past because it’s over with & can’t be change
  • Trying to fit in & doing what everyone expects you to do or be

As you are letting go of these negative things, here are some ideas to help you enjoy the moment, stay on track, & get to a happier state of mind:

  • Smile & laugh more.
  • Make short (weekly/monthly) & long (yearly) term goals. Write your goals on a desk calendar/whiteboard to help you visualize.
  • Be humble, grateful, & say thank you more often. Take a moment daily to take in all that you have & appreciated it since many things are taken for granted.
  • Edit your resume, cover letter & apply. Set a goal for each week/month for the number of applications you want to send out.
  • Stay positive!!! Positive thoughts = positive energy. Remember there is always someone who has it worse than us.
  • Make a bucket list and slowly complete it.
  • Make peace with your inner self. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. True happiness comes from within. If you are not happy, then how can anyone or anything else make you happy?
  • Mediate or make a commitment to the gym.
  • Stay connected! Keep in touch with important friends, family, children, & significant others who have always supported you. Time is precious so spend it wisely. Image
  • Send a greeting card or post card to friends/family. I love how something so small & simple can carry so much meaning.
  • Love. Love yourself, love others, & love hard when given a chance. Don’t forget to love your parents & elders because as you are growing up they are getting older.
  • Listen to your heart. Follow your heart. Do what your heart desires.
  • Chase your dreams & go do what makes you happy. If you fail keep trying. Nothing comes easy.
  • Don’t dwell on the past, or think too much of the future but instead live for the moment.

Life is too short to stress the little things. Laugh more. Get out more. Enjoy nature. Time is passing by us. The world doesn’t stop for anyone, so keep moving. Don’t overthink it & let go. Free yourself. Ask yourself are you living or are you existing?


3 thoughts on “Don’t over think it, let go, & be happy!

  1. Anna says:

    I do not regret reading this at all! This is exactly what I needed. Reassurance. You helped me reassure my thoughts. Thank you Jennifer!

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