Wave on & Keep Swimming

Vacations are important because it relaxes you, reduces stress & allows for worry free days. My vacations lets me to catch up with friends/family, meet new people, explore new cultures, be a tourist, & appreciate the priceless moments in life. To be able to pack & get away is a beloved feeling for me especially when I’m stressed, overwhelmed, or in need of a break. If time & money permits I try to travel because I knew after graduation I will be working weather it’s on my career, family, dreams, & etc. Most jobs give you 2-3 weeks of paid vacation. With limited time I make all my breaks worthy & enjoyable especially since it helps me unwind & rejuvenate. I love to explore & venture off whether it’s a day to Hampton Beach, weekend in New York, or a vacation.

Luckily, this January I escaped the New England winter storms to 80 degrees weather in the Caribbean with my baby sisters: Beth & Ca, & friends: Jim & Steph. I appreciated the generosity from Aunt Lam & Uncle because it made my vacation 10 times better. I couldn’t have been happier to take this vacation with such supportive friends & family who will always be there.

I was distracted & the timing of my overdue vacation couldn’t have occurred at a better time. Being hundreds of miles away from home gave me a chance to clear my head. Once I boarded the plane I left the negativity/disappointments with the ugly weather & after landing I only carry my pride & excitement. With the distance & surrounding of a happier atmosphere, I had a different perspective on things because no one was there to cloud my thinking process/choices. Having a positive mindset, I was able to disconnect myself from reality to enjoy the amazing weather, company & Islands. With the blazing sun, Cruzan Mango drinks, delicious food, & beaches there was nothing for me to cry or dwell over. But instead be happy, smile & appreciate the leisure of my vacation. There were no stress, deadlines, pressure, nagging or dealing with anyone but myself. It’s really is the best feeling to be entirety free from everything & everyone even if it’s just for a brief moment.

I love every minute of the late nights to early mornings from tanning, to playing cards, to jet skiing, to snorkeling, & to those moments where we simply enjoy each other’s presence. One of the most memorable moments was at Cinnamon Bay Beach at St. John. This beach was beautiful & less commercial making it the perfect spot to mediate. I can still recall the sound of the waves, soft sand, & the smell of the beach. Something about being on or in the water puts me in a very peaceful state of mind making me feel balanced again. As I drift away with the waves, I would let my fears, worries, & everything else in mind drift away as well. It’s very soothing to lay there soaking up vitamin D & clearing the mind.

This picture will always remind me of my love for the ocean. When I start to lose track/focus or feel down, I go to the beach to look out the horizon to remind myself I am a little fish in a big ocean & the possibilities are endless. I toss all my problems, fears, worries into the ocean & let the waves carry it far away from me. Staring at the enormous ocean reassures me anything is possible & all I have to do is keep swimming. This picture captures it all for me because the brightness from the sun tell me to stay positive for their will be better days & the waves remind me to keep going.

Best of all this vacation allowed me to recap, rethink, & redo everything. I realized how at times you think you can control things but most times you can’t do anything but go with flow. Things fall out of place so other things can fall into place. This vacation was perfect timing for me to self-reflect on my past, present, & future. To be alone with my thoughts & do nothing put into perspective a lot of important things in my life such my love ones, goals, & self-happiness. Sometime we like to get ahead of ourselves, make things bigger than they seem & forget the awesome feeling of doing absolutely nothing. This trip was my reassurance that everything will work itself out once I let go, accept the good, the bad, expect nothing & work hard.

At times you can swim against the waves but each stroke will become harder & eventually you will get tired. Sometimes you have no choice but to swim with the current to keep moving. The ocean is my reminder that the world is full of endless opportunities & to keep afloat you need to keep swimming.You can’t always control the waves but you can let it wash away your problem & steer you in a new direction. Remember life is what you make out of it & you can’t go far unless you lose sight of the shoreline.



3 thoughts on “Wave on & Keep Swimming

  1. dormalik says:

    Hi, I didn’t know you have a blog. I can’t understand all you write but I understand the idea. I agree with you, if you can travel, go see all the world! go go go go !!!!! Life is short, agreed. I hope one day I can come and see you !!!! After I buy my house, I will come and visit you. Xoxo! Love your aunt.

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