Sleep by the campfire & under the stars

DSC01813Picture this: Background noise of chattering, laughing, & the river flow which you turn into a cooler. You & your friends are sitting around a camp fire surrounded by gigantic green trees. The shadow of these leaves deflects the sun, making it a little chilly than usually. One friend fans the fire to keep it alive for light & heat purposes. A few friends roasts marshmallow for s’mores, others eat chips or drink the forbidden juice. As everyone is in their own zone, you get to a relax state of mind & enjoy the crisp summer air of the woods.

I love this photo because it captured my happiness at camp.

Annually, I look forward to camping in the White Mountains & approaching the main road for the campsite. My excitement grows when cell reception is lost. All I can think then is a weekend filled with random adventures & great company. With each step towards the hill my fear grew because I heard crickets chipping & kept thinking something will pop out. Slowly my eyes adjusted to the dark & my mind stopped racing after I lie down. As a city girl I don’t see many stars & it’s seldom for me to see a shooting star. It was soothing to lay there, stare into space & just count the stars. Then unexpectedly I witness my first shooting star. We all sang BSB songs not caring how we sound. Priceless moment. At that particular moment I didn’t care about anything else but to sing my heart out with everyone else. In a sense the singing was a symbol to our carefree weekend.

My best friend, Danyo & I hiked to Little East Pond. I enjoyed the hike because of the cardio work out I get. As we got further into our hike, I noticed Danyo started to get tired but I kept pushing him. Told him to breathe with each movement, take baby sips of H20 & soon enough we made it to Little Pond East. The view of the little lake was a small pond that looked eerie & from a scary movie. Seeing Danyo’s disappointment, I encouraged him to hike to Big East Pond. Told him can’t quit now, especially not half way. Danyo started to get a paranoid not seeing any sign of humans while I got the Goosebumps & practically jog down the trail after he mentions bear droppings. But luckily the sign of Big East Pond saved us.

Walking further into the muddy pathway, past the dead trees, tucked away in the corner of the wood, was a homogenous pond surrounded by a fort of trees. Amazing how Mother Nature can create a beautiful pond deep in the woods. I rested on a rock, took a moment to mediate & take in the peaceful moment. I started to envision myself swimming across the pond, hiking up the fort of trees, & then finally reaching over the other side of the hill to see what else is out there. This nature made pond was my reminder to keep going & keep exploring because there are many hidden gems in life; we just have to take the chance to find it. If I didn’t continue to hike, I wouldn’t have seen such a pretty pond.

Big East Pond

Big East Pond

Being able to relaxing during camp is very crucial for me especially because we all need it & forget to crave time out for it. Sometime things become more complicated than it should be & we tend to forget the simplicity of things. At camp I love how I can make the best out of everything. Like when we were in river & half of the group couldn’t cross, we started a splash war. This was when we throw rocks at the other end to see who can make a bigger splash. It goes to show you don’t need technology to have fun but just need to improvise with the things you have around.

Lastly, I love the feeling of being able to lounge around, enjoy the moment & space out for a while. Camping is a way for me to escape reality, concerns of life & everything else for the weekend. I love the fact that there is no ticking of the clock to tell me my daily routine or to dos. But instead I am doing what I want in the pace I want. I literally sit there, remove myself from everything & just appreciate all that is around me. There is just something about the woods that keeps me calm. It’s a spot where I feel like I can let loose & be myself. It’s my judgment free zone & I feel less obligated to worry about my appearances, deadlines, or anything else but a good time. That feeling of being completely free & having no restriction is what I truly love about being in the woods.


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