A Letter to the College Students

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CONGRATS on choosing to pursue & furthering your education regardless if it is enrolling in a certificate program, classes at a community college or full time status at a university. You did it!!! The paperwork & FAFSA are filed, classed are selected, books are bought & now it’s time to begin this incredible journey.

Personally, I believe college is very essential not only for the education but for the whole college experience where self-discoveries are made & skills are learned.
Attending college is more than just earning a degree. It is about the choices you make, friendships you gained, experience from internships, & the network you come across as you make your voyage to the finish line.

Keep an open mind all semester. Before you say no to joining a club or taking a class, try it first. Step out of your boundaries to search for new things. With a slight interest, it can slowly become a hobby or a passion, just take the time to fully explore. I cannot stress it enough; take classes outside of your major. EXPAND YOUR HORIZON!!! DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF.

Professors can be intimidating but they are human like us. Get to know your professor & build a relationship as they are willing to help you grow & succeed. You will never know the impact of a person until you give them a chance. Not only does this applies to professors but everyone else you will encounter along the way. Don’t be shy to meet new people. Do not network for business cards, but do so to find people with similar interests, hobbies & mindsets. Get together, enjoy each other’s time & create something big.

Attend all of your classes especially the ones where professors don’t take attendance. This will be your test of discipline. You pay for these classes so make an effort to go. Sit in the front & turn off your phone. Learn from your professors, listen to your classmates & add your two cents. Do not be afraid to speak what is on your mind as this will help add another perspective for discussion.

Study hard, but at the same time take a few moments to relax & play. Be studious but not crazy obsessed with your studies. Learn to balance your classes, friends, wellness, & partying as this is crucial to maintaining a great school year. Explore your campus, be friendly, & connect with people to make lifelong adventures.

Do not rush through college because you want to start making money. WARNING: You will have the rest of your life to work. Take the time to appreciate the little responsibilities & plenty of freedom you have while in college. Take advantage of time you are given. There will be countless opportunities but they will not just appear. You will have to go find them. Do not be the person to regret things but instead LIVE IN THE MOMENT! Go with the flow of things. Capture moments of excitement, happiness & accomplishments.

College is the perfect time for you to grow, learn, love & gain your independence. Everything is trial & error. Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do. It’s okay to bounce around figuring out what you want in life. Try it, don’t like it, change it. Judgment free zone. It’s also perfectly normal & common to change major. Don’t feel pressure to choose what others think is best for you but instead do what you think is best for you.

When in doubt, follow your heart. Life is too short. Chase your dream & do what you love. Smile & be happy. When life presents you with an opportunity take it even if you think you cannot do it. Remember everything is learnable. Leap out & take a few risks. Study aboard, volunteer, & travel whenever possible. Even if it’s cross country to spend the holidays with your roommate’s family.

Good luck with everything. I have faith in you & know you will do well. These next few years will fly by very fast. So “to the college kids, no scholarships, starting your semester, unpacking your suitcases, filling up your dresser, enjoy it while you got it, after that its God bless ya. Life is your professor, you know that bitch is going to test you” – J. Cole.


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