DO Attend College Fair

Thinking about colleges can be very stressful especially because there are so many throughout the country ranging from community college to state schools to Ivy League and etc. With all these options, it can get overwhelming. To make things less costly, start at a college fair where you can explore many colleges in one day under one roof. Not only will you learn about the colleges, you will meet with different representatives, get a chance to network, & have all your questions answered.

If possible attend these college fairs as early as your freshmen year in high school. With earlier exposure of college and their expectations of a candidate, student will work harder in high school. With more knowledge and talks about different colleges and schools, this will help students to incorporated college as an alternative for after graduation. I strongly believe earlier exposure & talks of colleges will motivated students to go to college & push themselves to their full potential.


Before attending the fair:

  • Inform your parents/ guardians and invite them to join you
  • Make a list of the colleges you would like to talk to or learn more about
  • Research the colleges that interest you
  • Make a list of questions to ask such as average SAT scores, campus life activities, and graduation rate

While attending these colleges fair make sure to:

  • Bring your high school or College Transcripts
  • Bring a notebook and Pen to take down notes, contact information, and etc.
  • Business cards to give to recruiters
  • Get a business card from the representative of each school you visit. Send a follow up email expressing thanks and interest of the school.
  • Explore new colleges you haven’t heard of
  • Ask any questions you may have about the school such as acceptance rates and anything that comes to mind
  • Ask for advice and tips

College fairs are very resourceful & a lot of information will be gained so take advantage of it every chance you get. Check your local newspaper, school, or local colleges for the next college fair. Grab a few friends, attend the fairs, and give yourself exposure to all of these great colleges.


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