Tips for Post College Jobs Search

It’s harder & harder to find a job today. Many feel overwhelmed or stress about securing a job especially after graduation. The pressure can be very intimidating but with a game plan, the process can be less scary. Start early & get ahead of everyone else.

Here are some tips to help ease the mind:

  • College Career Services. Start with this resource! Make an appointment to meet with someone ASAP! College Career Services can help you look & apply for jobs.
  • Update & if possible create a customized resume. Keep it simple but add a few personal touch so you can stand out.
  • Network! Network! Don’t just look online but ask friends, family, mentors & advisors about job openings. At times just expressing your interest to people can help get your foot in the door. Remember it’s who you know.

  • Set realistic expectations. You probably won’t get your dream job right after college, but don’t give up. Keep an open mind when applying. Don’t apply to every job posting & don’t limit yourself to one field.  
  • Be proactive. Do your research & apply for the best job that fits you & really catches your interest. Give yourself a weekly goal. It might take a while before you hear back from employers but don’t give up, just keep applying.  
  • Practice & perfect your elevator pitch. Be able & ready to brand yourself within two minutes. Be sure to include something that will make you stand out & what you can offer to the company.  
  • Clean up your act. Log on to all your social media network and tidy it up. Remove party photos & narrow your Facebook friends. Employers don’t want to see you with a party cup or a tagged photo of you doing a keg stand.
  • Create a free Linkin account. The goal is to put enough information to get them curious to contact you.  
  • Dress the part. Dress for the position you want & keep it professional. If ever in doubt, do what Barney from How I Met Your Mother do & “Suit Up”.
  • Take the interview seriously. Even if you find that you are no longer interested in the position, use it for practice. Practice makes perfect.  
  • Follow up. Send follow up cards/emails to express thanks & reinstate your interest of the positions. Always remain in touch, this way if you don’t get the job the employer will have your resume on file.  
  • Intern and/or Volunteer. Get an internship. Volunteer your time. This may lead to other opportunities.

Job hunting is time consuming & stressful. But don’t give up. Remain positive & remember to be professional at all times. As you wait to hear back from an employer, make sure to work weather it’s part time or temporary to keep a steady income, gain experience, & build the resume. Good luck ! 🙂


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