Free Money for College

Free money! Who doesn’t love free money? Scholarships are the best form of free money. With the rise of college education scholarships are crucial. Scholarships will help with the cost of tuition, books, & living expense in college. The money won’t be handled to you but with some time & commitment it’s worth a shot. There are thousands of scholarships & most are listed online but don’t forget to ask around for word of mouth ones. Ask your parents, friends, school, network, & local community centers or churches to see if they know of any. Check your city or town as well, or even your food joint such as Taco Bell.

Make some time in your schedule to search & apply to scholarships. Start as soon as possible. When applying, consider all factors including your gender, religion, college major, interests, race hobbies, lifestyles, & etc. This will allow for more scholarship applications. The key is to apply to as many as you qualified for.

Here are some links to start your search:

Good luck & remember to:

  • Fully read the directions & follow all instructions
  • Apply if you are eligible & meet the requirements
  • Complete the application preferably with a black/blue pen-Develop a short but profound essay
  • Proofread your essay & have other proofread as well
  • Make a copy of all your application
  • Mail your application before the deadlines

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