From The Old Me

A few months ago my life was on a standstill. I felt like a zombie where all I did was eat, sleep & work. It was as if my body was physically moving but my soul wasn’t there. It was like watching a disc of yourself on repeat doing the same thing while you are frozen. Something was missing & I couldn’t figure out what it was.

But as I cleaned out my email, I found a letter I wrote to myself last year. The letter stated my passion for helping urban high school students get into college, as well as guiding college student to making the most out of their college experience. I recalled writing this letter in frustration after months of reaching out to many different contacts & organizations with no one replying back. I was frustrated that there was this passionate person who wanted nothing more than to help students. But yet the rules of society made it difficult. What ticked me off even more was knowing that the students would have loved the guidance.

In the letter, I wrote about my passion & remind myself how at times it will be rough but not to give up, because once I get to where I want to be, it will be worth it. I also told myself there are already current obstacles but not to give up because the kids need me. I told myself I will find my way even if it means starting my own nonprofit organization. I even included a mini business plan. I ended the letter by telling myself as hard as it is, always chase happiness even if it means going against everything else.

After feeling like a statue, I was so happy to have discover the letter because it brought me life again. The letter cheered me up & made me realized what was missing; my passion. It wasn’t that I lost my passion or didn’t have one anymore, but instead it was hidden. I became content with where I was at & actually liking my job, made it harder for me to push myself to do what I love. The letter was a reminder for me to continue to chase & strive for my dreams & not to settle where I am at.

When you get a moment, write some letters to yourself. Write a letter to yourself about your passion, dreams, & ambitions. Write about what you love to do, & how you will get there. Make the letter your guideline to your dreams. Write another letter to yourself for encouragement just in case you get lost along the way. State where you are today, how far along you came & where you plan on going or where you plan on being.

Some questions to ask yourself when writing the letters are:

  • Where do I see myself a year, five years, or ten years from now?
  • What is my definition of happiness & how do I get there?
  • What does it mean to be successful?
  • What are your fears? How can you overcome it?
  • If you can tell yourself anything, what would you say?
  • What have you accomplished thus far?

The best thing about this letter is that you will be the only one reading it. I know at times our thoughts are racing & we have a million things to say but are too scared to speak out loud. It can be scary but write it all in the letter. Write your true feelings & don’t hold back. When finished make two copies, seal it with your signature & date the front. Keep one in a safe place & give one to a trusted family or friend. Then set a reminder on your phone of when you want to open it.


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