About NSO: New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation (NSO) marks the start of your college days. Congrats and welcome to the school. All first year students and transfer student are required to attend NSO. Be sure to sign up for this as NSO is very essential.

During NSO students will:

  • Meet and connect with fellow classmates
  • Explore campus and learn about the many resources offered
  • Sign up for classes
  • Meet with an adviser to discuss your academic path
  • Get their student ID card
  • Select and finalize housing
  • Spend the night on campus to get a feel for the upcoming semester
  • Take placement exams

Here are some tips to making the best of your NSO:

  • Network and meet your fellow classmates. They are also new to this and probably just as nervous, so smile and say hello. You might also find that the friends you made from NSO will become your good friend throughout your college days.
  • When singing up for classes, determine if you are a morning person or not. Do not sign up for 9 A.M classes if you can’t get up for them. Your schedule isn’t finalized at NSO because you can change them up until two weeks into the semester. So if you didn’t get the class you want or the perfect schedule, keep looking throughout the summer.
  • When taking your placement exams, make sure to try your best. It is important to take these placement exams seriously because it will determine what class you can enroll in.
  • If you are spending the night on campus don’t forget to bring flip flops for the shower, as well as toiletries items. Bring a pillow, sheets (usually Twin XL) and a blanket as well.



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