Don’t Let Summer Escape

As the anticipation of college builds up, take a few deep breaths, slow down & enjoy the remainder of your summer. Try some of these things before summer is over.

  • Get an internship & maintain the network to build potential ones.
  • Get a job & maintain the network to work during school breaks.
  • Open a saving account & save at least 15 % or as much of your paycheck as you can.
  • Read! Read! Read! Read as much as you can. Pick up the newspaper, your favorite book or a New York Best Seller.
  • Hang with your friends & family. Bond with them & live in the moment.
  • Appreciate Mother Nature. Go camping & learn to function without your smartphones, tablets, & laptops for a few hours or days.
  • Study the art of meditation. Learn to be at peace with yourself. This will come handy when you are under a lot of pressure especially in school.

  • Carry a journal & write daily even if it’s just random thoughts or your plans for the day.
  • Attend workshops on time management, dealing with stress, financial ones & fitness.
  • Spend all day & night at the beach. 
  • Attend museums & cultural venues. Explore, learn, & fuel your mind.
  • Go on a road trip & explore other cities.
  • Attend concerts, fairs, & festivals of all sorts
  • Stargaze & enjoy the cool summer air.
  • Throw a BBQ or attend as many as you can.
  • Go on a vacation. Rejuvenate yourself.

Soak up the vitamin D. Enjoy the BBQ & refreshing drinks. Leave your footprints in the sand. Live in the moment & make summer worth it because before you know it, class will be in session.  


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