The Dreadful College Bill

College bills are usually due sometime in August. If you received yours already here are some things to keep in mind.

First, read the bill closely & make sure you understand the charges. If possible ask for an itemized bill, to see your exact charges. This also helps to view any charges that can be waived such as your student health insurance. Look to see if all of your scholarships are listed, if not report it to the bursar & financial aid office to have it corrected.

Second, compare your financial aid statement with your bill to make sure the numbers match up. Make sure the loans your requested are there & the one you don’t want aren’t there.

Keep in mind when using a credit card or a debit card there is a service charge of up to 2.75% on top of your total bill. If possible try to pay with cash or your e-checking account instead of your debit card to save money. You will simply need your checking number & bank routing number. You can easily get this information from your bank.

Due to FERPA (Family Education Rights & Privacy Acts) the only person who can view the account & make a payment is the actual student. If someone else will be making the payment, please make sure to add them as an authorized user so they can view & pay the bill. You can simply do this on your school’s website. If you are unsure please contact your bursar’s office with any questions.

Lastly, pay your bill off ASAP. Don’t wait because this can result in a late fee of 2.5% or an administrative hold on your account, which basically freezes your account from registering, attending classes, & etc.

If for some reason you cannot pay your college bill, please contact your bursar’s office ASAP & consult with them to see what other options you have. Most schools now have a payment plan option, so be sure to ask about this.


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