School Supplies

Growing up one of the best advice my mother gave me was that, “anything can be taken away from you, you can lose everything, but the one thing that no one can ever take away from you is your education & knowledge”. My mother escaped from the Khmer Rouge war & came to America with nothing. She knew what it meant to have something one minute & then lose everything within a blink of the eye.

My mother always stressed to us that education is very important & needed to be successful. She always encouraged my siblings & I to focus hard on our studies, to read whenever we can, & to continue to learn every chance we get.

Strongly believing in education & not having much of her own, my mother always made sure we took ours seriously. My mother would always stock up on school supplies & made sure we had these. She knew having school supplies were crucial to maintaining & growing our knowledge.

I am very blessed to have parents who were able to provide school supplies. With schools supplies being essential, you would think every student have it. You can assume schools will provide them or that parents will buy them, but the sad reality is that not many people actually have school supplies.

Watch my video as I talk about the importance of school supplies & the sad truth as to why some people don’t have school supplies.


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