Ways to Save Money on Textbooks


Textbooks are outrageously overpriced. Before you make your textbook purchase for this semester consider waiting until the first day of classes to purchase your book.

On the first day of class, you should be able to determine how often the professor will refer to the textbook. Some professors will based the class on the textbooks while others will use the textbook as reading supplements.

After determining how often your books will be used, here are some helpful tips when buying, renting or sharing a textbook.

 If you are buying your textbook:

  • Stay away from university stores as they are overpriced.
  • Try and buy used textbooks.
  • Check with your professor to see if you can use an older edition.
  • Shop around online as prices are cheaper. Try amazon.com, chegg.com, or Ebay.com.
  • But if you don’t feel safe about online shopping,  support local businesses & buy from local book stores.
  • See if there is an e-version of the textbook online. Might be a little cheaper than a physical copy.

 If you plan on renting:

  • Understand the rental agreement & take care of the textbook so you don’t have to replace it.
  • Shop around online for prices. Try Amazon.com, Chegg.com, Textbookrentals.com, or Bookrenter.com.

 If you plan on sharing:

  • Check to see if there is a copy of the textbook at the school library & the policy of checking out the book.
  • Split the cost with another student. Determine the days & ways you will share the textbook(s).

Other places to get your textbooks:

  • Check out this website: http://www.student2student.com/ to see if students from your schools are selling the textbooks.
  • Check with your friends or mutual friends to see if they are selling the textbooks you need.
  • Look on Facebook.com during the group section to see if students from your schools are selling or trading their textbooks.

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