Back That Thing Up

Once a month when you get a chance, you should back that thing up. By that I mean back up your documents, files, photos & etc. on your smartphone and/or laptop. It’s the crappiest feeling to start typing an essay & then all of a sudden your screen goes black. Next thing you know your motherboard is fried & if you didn’t back up your work, everything is all gone.

Back in the day I recall using floppy disc and CDs to back up documents & file. But with new technology, you can easily back up to the “virtual cloud”.  You can easily set up your laptop and/or phone to automatically back up your data especially using Wifi, saving you internet data. Some cloud options are,, and Google Drive.

Some of these virtual cloud give you a limited about to back up, like about 5 GB & if you want more storage space, they will charge you for it. I highly recommending getting an external drive instead which can range from $50 to $150 depending on size & brand. This way you can back up everything to your external hard drive & you have physical access to everything.

For anyone who is always on the go such as students, bloggers, and etc., I recommend carrying a 16GB flash drive everywhere you go. This way you can easily back up documents especially if you are using a friend’s laptop or a computer at the library.


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