College Move In Day

laundry basket move in

The anticipation of move in day have arrived & you are finally off to college. As exciting as a moment this is, it can also be very stressful & emotional. Here are some tips to help ensure a smooth move in.

Before moving in:

  • Determine your school’s move in dates and time.
  • If you are sharing items with your roommate(s), discuss item(s) each person is responsible for.
  • Pack lightly & make sure to bring those special items that will remind you off home.
  • Label all of your materials & boxes.

When moving in:

  • Check in & learn the produce of move in.
  • Sign up for the use of those huge rolling laundry basket.
  • Once you are receive your key, go to the room to scope it out & see how big it is.
  • Rearrange the furniture such as the bed & desk before moving everything else in.
  • For more storage space, place your bed at the highest point & use the space below for storage.

storage space move in

  • DO NOT remove any furniture from the room or replace them with outside ones.
  • Complete a room damage form. Take your time & inspect the room because you will be responsible for the charges if it was not documented.
  • If you are sharing items with your roommate(s), place them in a common area accessible to all.
  • Decorate & arrange your room to your liking. This will be your home for the next few months.

After you move in:

  • Introduce yourself to your RA.
  • Bond with your roommate(s) or floor mate.
  • Walk & explore the campus.
  • Grab some food at the dining hall.
  • Breathe & relax because you are all moved in.

Good luck with move in day. Remember that the lines will be long & there will be plenty of other students moving in. Things can feel very overwhelming but whatever you do, breathe in & out. Remain calm. The start of your college days are just about to begin, so enjoy the journey.


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