Roommate(s): Love Them or Hate Them

The idea of roommate(s) is very scary & can be nerve wrecking especially when you never met that person before. A million questions are probably popping up in your head such as will they like me, will I like them, what do they do for fun, what type of friends do they hang out with, will this work & etc.

As intimidating as it sounds, living with roommate(s) is a great opportunity because while you are learning to share a space, you are growing as a person & building long lasting connections. Living with roommate(s) encourages you to learn about another person’s life & interests. As well as learning to deal with your emotions & improving your social skills.


When living with someone the first document you should complete & keep a copy off is a roommate agreement. The agreement would include amount of rent, overnight guests, cleaning policy, sharing items, & etc. This is a document that all parties of the room/apartment complete together after discussing the materials. When completing this document try to be as specific as possible & very clear, as it will help resolve/prevent awkward conflicts that may arise later on.

Effort is much needed when you are trying to build & maintain a good relationship with your roommate(s). We all are humans so don’t judge anyone. Remember they are probably just as nervous as you, so like everything else in life, why not make the best of it?

Here’s a few tips to being a good roommate:

  • Be kind & treat everyone with RESPECT
  • Do not touch other’s belonging or borrow or take things without your roommate(s) permission
  • Respect the roommate(s) agreement
  • Give each other space, respect the boundaries

me and priscilla


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