New SAT or Old SAT: Which one are you taking?

SAT are required for a majority of college applications & as if it isn’t stressful enough, the format of SAT are changing. Since 2005, the format & grading of the SAT have been the same which consisted of 3 parts, a perfect score of 2400, & penalty for guessing. But starting March 2016, there will be a new SAT. Please refer to the chart below to see the changes within the old & new SAT.

Sunject Areas: Reading
Writing & Language
Perfect Score: 2400 1600
Penalty for Guessing: Yes No
Fun Facts If you are using a SAT Fee Waiver, you will get (4) College Application Fee Waiver
Vocab section will consist of words in daily conversation


If you are a senior graduating 2016, you will take the old SAT. If you are going to graduate high school class of 2017 or later, you will take the new SAT. If you haven’t already register to take your test please do so ASAP. Refer to the chart below to view the dates of testing & deadline to register.

SAT OLD Deadlines

If you are unsure of when to take the SAT, it’s recommended that you take one during spring of your junior year & fall of your senior year as early as October. Depending on your score, I would highly recommend taking the SAT a third time. As the saying goes, third time’s a charm. Good luck.


To register, check out testing dates, & more info refer to:


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