Develop a Routine, Stick With It, Make It a Habit

Now that the excitement & anxiety of going back/first day of school have passed, the next step is to find a routine. Stick with it until it becomes a habit.

When you stick to the routine, you will find yourself being more productive & less stressed. With a set schedule, you will know what you have to do & accomplish more. Manage your time wisely, so you don’t feel overwhelm with everything especially during school.

To help manage your time, use a planner as well as print outs of monthly calendars. Using different color Sharpies, write in all the deadlines, appointments, meetings, duties, & etc. Writing things down will help you remembered & being able to visually see the calendars will enforced your priorities. Post one in your room & carry one with you. Place it somewhere you can always see it. The calendars helped served as a reminder of what & when things should be completed.

Make sure to factor time to eat, sleep & me time because as busy human beings, we tend to skip these things or find them less important, when in actually they are crucial to our health & functioning. 


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