Do You Know Your Guidance Counselor?

During high school you will be assigned a guidance counselor. Guidance counselor(s) works with students to provide career, academic, college readiness, & personal/social skills. It’s very crucial to know your guidance counselor. Best way to start this is by introducing yourself, so your guidance counselor can put a face to your name.

Consider meeting with your counselor once a month & be sure to update them of your academic status, hobbies as well as your interests outside of school. Doing so will help you develop a relationship with your guidance counselor which will be very crucial during high school. When your guidance knows you, this well be easier for them to write a recommendation for you as well as nominating or informing you of scholarships that you qualify for.

Guidance counselor(s) are very useful. You can go to them for all sort of things ranging from personal matters, college related questions, SAT/college application fee waivers, changing your class schedule & etc. Guidance counselor(s) are great resources for scholarship opportunities & exposure to school you never heard off. Check to see if they have a book listing all the colleges & universities in the states.

If you are a high school senior, please meet with your guidance counselor to make sure you are on track to graduate. Please also see them with your college list to make sure you are fulfilling all college requirements. Also see them with any other college related information. Consider taking advance placement classes if you are on track.


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